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Employment insurance

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Table of contents

If you speak French

You have the right to services in French from the government offices mentioned in this publication. To find out more about your language rights, ask a lawyer or a community legal clinic.

Si vous parlez français

Vous avez droit à des services en français de la part des bureaux gouvernementaux mentionnés dans la présente publication. Pour obtenir plus d'information sur vos droits linguistiques, consultez un avocat ou une clinique juridique communautaire.

There are several kinds of Employment Insurance (EI) benefits:

  • regular benefits for people who are looking for work
  • re-employment benefits to help unemployed people return to work
  • sickness benefits for people who are off work because of illness or accident
  • compassionate care benefits or benefits for parents of critically ill children for people who must be off work to care for a gravely ill family member or close friend
  • maternity and parental benefits for people who are pregnant or have a new baby or adopted a child
  • fishing benefits for self-employed fishers

This booklet covers regular EI benefits. It also has a short section about re-employment benefits here.