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What can happen if a permanent resident is convicted of a crime

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This article is for people who work with permanent residents. It explains how being convicted of a crime in Canada can affect someone’s status as a permanent resident. Throughout the fact sheet, “you” refers to permanent residents. This is meant to make it easier to pass the information on to those who need it.

If you are a permanent resident and are convicted of a crime in Canada:

  • you could lose your permanent resident status,
  • you could be deported, and
  • you might not be able to come back.

And, a criminal charge or conviction can affect your eligibility to become a Canadian citizen.

If you become a Canadian citizen, you cannot be forced to leave Canada, unless you said something that was not true or left out information when you applied for Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status.

Many permanent residents apply for Canadian citizenship as soon as they meet the requirements.