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Home care complaints and appeals

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Available formats and options

Complaints about quality of services or not following the Bill of Rights

Make a complaint to the HSP or the care agency that the person works for. Say what happened, how you felt, and what you want to happen. For example, you might make a complaint if a worker:

  • gives you less time than you are supposed to get,
  • does not give you the proper services, or
  • does not respect your dignity and privacy.

The HSP or care agency must send you their response within 60 days. If you are not satisfied with their response, you cannot appeal it. But you may have other options. See the chart below.

Type of complaint you have What you might do
Behaviour of a member of a professional college, such as a nurse, therapist, or social worker Complain to their professional college
Quality or amount of services Contact a lawyer
Criminal acts, such as assault, theft, or fraud Call the police
Discrimination against you for reasons such as your race, religion, gender, or disability Apply to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal
Not respecting your privacy or problems getting or correcting health records Contact the Information and Privacy Commission