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CLEO's Strategic Plan 2013-2018

Part 1: Vision and Values

CLEO is Ontario's Centre for Public Legal Education

CLEO is an independent, community-based, public legal education and information (PLEI) organization dedicated to serving persons in Ontario who face barriers to participation in the justice system for reasons such as income, literacy, language, dis/ability, race or ethnic background, and isolation. As a result of CLEO's work, people in Ontario who face one or more of these barriers will be able to access high-quality and effective information and education that will help them understand and exercise their most critical legal rights. CLEO's work helps to build a meaningful and effective justice system that is accessible to all people and communities in Ontario.

Producer of Quality and Innovative PLEI, Building on 40 Years of Experience

CLEO produces and delivers accessible, practical, high quality, accurate and easy-to-understand public legal education and information (PLEI) by:

  • producing PLEI in a variety of formats and languages, and employing a myriad of distribution and outreach mechanisms, to maximize reach and effectiveness
  • using technology and other emerging innovations to expand the reach of our work, efficiently and economically, while maintaining our commitment to ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure effectiveness
  • soliciting input and feedback from people using our materials, including members of the public who are our primary audiences, through user testing and other feedback mechanisms

Leader in PLEI Research and PLEI Capacity Building

We provide PLEI leadership in Ontario and nationally by:

  • undertaking leading edge and applied research projects relating to PLEI
  • taking a leadership role in improving the coordination of PLEI in Ontario
  • building a network relating to PLEI in Ontario
  • undertaking innovative pilot projects
  • building a body of best or promising practices relating to PLEI
  • sharing our research findings, results of innovative projects, and body of promising practices with PLEI practitioners and others across the country

We support the PLEI work of other groups and organizations by creating and pursuing opportunities to share CLEO expertise and knowledge with other community, legal, and government organizations through:

  • delivering training relating to developing and providing effective PLEI
  • providing other facilitation and strategic services that build on our expertise and experience

Collaborative and Responsive Partner in Supporting Meaningful Access to Justice

CLEO leads and supports efforts to develop and deliver effective PLEI by working in partnership with:

  • community legal clinics
  • community groups and organizations and other front-line social and health service organizations
  • other legal organizations that provide PLEI, including LAO, the Ministry of the Attorney General, the Law Society of Upper Canada, and the DOJ Canada
  • private bar lawyers, judges, tribunals, and the court system
  • non-traditional partners, such as media organizations, high tech companies, and others

CLEO's Values:

CLEO is committed to:

  • social justice
  • client-centered approaches
  • clear language
  • legal accuracy and practical information
  • working in collaboration with others
  • evidence-based approaches, including research
  • innovation that contributes to increasingly effective PLEI delivery
  • equipping people to understand and exercise their legal rights
  • advocating for meaningful and effective access to justice
  • a respectful, open, fair working environment

Part 2: Strategic Directions

  1. Engage in leading edge PLEI research
  2. Expand content, delivery formats and channels to provide PLEI materials and services to people who face one or more barriers to access to justice and those who serve them
  3. Lead and act as a catalyst for more effective and coordinated PLEI
  4. Strengthen the direct communication channels with the public who need and use CLEO's PLEI
  5. Increase and diversify CLEO's partnerships and funding sources
  6. Clearly communicate and promote CLEO's value and contributions as an independent PLEI organization, strategic partner and innovative PLEI provider