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Our Team

Julie Mathews, Executive Director

Jane Withey, Director of Clinic Operations

Urooj Ameeruddin, Special Projects Coordinator

Amelia Berot-Burns, Quality Assurance Analyst

Erik Bornmann, Staff Lawyer

Deborah Bourk, Project Manager, Community Engagement and Communications

Kristina Brousalis, Manager of PLE Capacity Building

Michelle Cader, Community Training and Outreach Manager

Karen Dick, CLEO Legal Education Trainer

Brenda Doner, Connecting Communities Project Manager

Andrew Hills, Staff Lawyer

Moazzam Hossain, Senior Programmer

Allison Leadley, A2J Services Analyst

Joanne Lu, Programmer

Fiona MacCool, Digital Projects Manager

Jesse Mark, Staff Lawyer

Kristin Marshall, Lawyer and Trainer

Kim McCutcheon, Editor and Plain Language Specialist

George Nissan, Quality Assurance Analyst

Nicole Osbourne James, Editor/Production Coordinator

Mira Poliszczuk, Production Assistant

Max Scheffel, Quality Assurance Analyst

Mathew Scheffel-Zhao, A2J Services Analyst

Chin Phing Tan, A2J Services Analyst/Lawyer

Carina Vincent, Clear Language Editor

Fara Wali, Steps to Justice Project Manager, Staff Lawyer