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Our Team

Julie Mathews, Executive Director

Jane Withey, Director of Clinic Operations

Jacquelyn Bennett Birr, Clinic IP A2J Services Coordinator

Michael Blazer, Staff Lawyer

Erik Bornmann, Staff Lawyer

Kristina Brousalis, Researcher & Writer, CLEO Centre for Research & Innovation

Michelle Cader, Community Outreach Manager

Brenda Doner, Connecting Communities Project Manager

Moazzam Hossain, Clinic IP A2J Author Programmer

Caroline Lindberg, Staff Lawyer

Fiona MacCool, Digital Projects Manager

Kim McCutcheon, Editor and Plain Language Specialist

Nicole Osbourne James, Editor/Production Coordinator

Mira Poliszczuk, Administrative Assistant

Rebecca Stulberg, Lawyer and Manager of Community Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement

Miscia Sullivan, Distribution Assistant

Diana Vazquez, Research and Project Coordinator

Carina Vincent, Online Content Coordinator/Editor

Fara Wali, Steps to Justice, Lead and Legal Content Developer