Our Team

Jess Reekie, Executive Director

Urooj Ameeruddin, Special Projects Coordinator

Maria Alexiou, Staff Lawyer

Helen Anderson, Director, CLEO Connect

Erik Bornmann, Director, Guided Pathways

Grace Dappah, Bilingual Education and Outreach Coordinator

Karen Dick, CLEO Legal Education Trainer

Brenda Doner, Project Manager, CLEO Connect

Clarinha Eberlein, Guided Pathways Analyst

Moazzam Hossain, Senior Programmer

Andrea I, Director, Finance and Administration

Laila Jama, Learning and Community Engagement Specialist

Elize Khan, Guided Pathways Analyst

Marie Koona, French Language Services Manager

Allison Leadley, Guided Pathways Manager

Stephen Li, Researcher

Kristin Marshall, Lawyer and Trainer

Kim McCutcheon, Editor and Plain Language Specialist

Benjamin Miller, Staff Lawyer, Nonprofit Law Ontario

Annabel Oromoni, Communications Manager

Nicole Osbourne James, Editor/Production Coordinator

Mira Poliszczuk, Production Assistant

David Qian, Quality Assurance Analyst

Iqra Rafique, Lawyer – Legal Content Developer and PLE Curriculum Developer and Trainer

Max Scheffel, Guided Pathways Project Coordinator & Analyst

Sharon Slobidker, Researcher

Marianne Stephens, Information and Referral Specialist

Elizabeth Teed, Staff Lawyer

Carina Vincent, Clear Language Editor

Fara Wali, Director, Steps to Justice

Kimberley Weaver, Staff Lawyer