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Working in Partnership

A cornerstone of our work is creating partnerships to ensure that we are responding to the ever-changing legal information needs of people across Ontario.

These partnerships take many forms: from collaborating with community-based lawyers and legal workers who review our information to ensure it reflects how the law is applied in real-life situations, to participating in coalitions and working groups that are dealing with a wide range of legal and law reform issues.

And our information reaches people in all parts of Ontario through our distribution partners – the thousands of community organizations and government offices who use our materials in workshops and distribute them throughout their communities.

Partnership highlights

Steps to Justice

Steps to Justice and Justice pas-à-pas are led by CLEO and bring together key justice sector players such as the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, the Superior Court of Justice and the Ontario Court of Justice, the Social Justice Tribunals of Ontario, Legal Aid Ontario, the Law Society of Ontario, the Ontario Justice Education Network, and the Association of Community Legal Clinics of Ontario.

These justice sector partners, and more than 100 content committee members from legal and community organizations across Ontario, collaborate on content development to ensure the legal information is accurate and practical, and the websites are updated regularly based on their input and changes in the law. A key feature of both Justice pas-à-pas and Steps to Justice is that justice sector and community organizations can embed the legal content on their own websites – meaning that it is widely available on websites across the province.

Public Legal Education Association of Canada (PLEAC)

CLEO is an active member of PLEAC, a nation-wide network of individuals and organizations established to promote access to justice through public legal education. Read more

Rule of Law: Legal Aid for Marginalized Groups in China

CLEO, in partnership with the Canadian Bar Association and Legal Aid Ontario, is participating in this project funded by the Canadian International Development Agency. The project aims to build the capacity of China’s National Legal Aid Centre and to strengthen legal aid in three Chinese provinces, with a special focus on improving access to justice for marginalized communities, particularly ethnic minorities and migrant workers. Read more

Family Law Education for Women

CLEO worked in partnership with six other organizations to manage a project funded by the Ontario government that developed plain language legal information on women’s rights under Ontario family law in 14 languages and in multiple formats. Read more