ESL Activity Kits

Our ESL activity kits were developed using the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB), and are available at a range of CLB levels. The activity kits correspond with themes and topics in the Adult ESL and LINC curriculum guidelines.

What you’ll find in the kits:

  • Case studies
  • Reading comprehension activities based on CLEO legal information
  • Varied quizzes and activities tailored to specific CLB levels
  • Teaching notes with answer keys and suggestions

The activity kits are intended for learners at levels ranging from CLB 1 to 6+ and are available free of charge. They are designed to be downloaded and printed for classroom use.

Topics we cover: tenants’ rights; workers’ rights

Activity kits by legal topic

Activity kits by CLB level

All CLEO educational resources are available for free. Resources are for general educational use and are not legal advice. CLEO retains the copyright over all CLEO resources – please contact us for permission to modify any of our materials.

CLEO would like to acknowledge the many hours contributed by volunteers on this project. We gratefully acknowledge The Law Foundation of Ontario for funding the development of the ESL activity kits.