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New online tools help people fill out family law court forms in Ontario

People getting divorced or separated can now get more online help using CLEO's latest Guided Pathway dealing with children and financial issues. Guided Pathways for children, support, and property issues in separation and divorce, leads people through the court forms they need to apply for any of:

  • child custody
  • child access
  • child support
  • spousal support
  • property division
  • other family law orders like a restraining order
  • a divorce together with any of these issues.

Users can also access CLEO's Guided Pathways to complete the court forms for a simple or joint divorce, and CLEO's Guided Pathway to Filing Your Separation Agreement to enforce the support amounts outlined in their separation agreement or other domestic contract. And there are Guided pathways to complete an Answer to their partner’s application or fill out a Reply form to their partner’s response.

Family Law Guided Pathways take users through a series of questions to help them complete their family law forms. Each question includes additional information that helps explain what is required. All personal information is stored securely and protects users' privacy. Users' answers are then used to create the forms they need, which can be saved or printed. The pathways also generate a checklist that sets out the steps for filing the forms with court.

People can find the Guided Pathways on CLEO's Steps to Justice website. gives reliable, step-by-step information on family law problems, and other common legal problems, to people in Ontario. It also features a list of available Guided Pathways and a quick link for returning users to log in to save their work.

Most of the Guided Pathways are available in French.

The Guided Pathways complement the Ministry of the Attorney General's online filing service for joint divorce applications ( Ontarians can electronically file documents for a joint divorce application, including those generated by the Guided Pathways. Users can pay the court fee for this e-filing service online securely by credit or debit card.

About the project

Family Law Guided Pathways are integrated with the family law information available on Steps to Justice, a collaborative project of justice sector partners. The Action Group on Access to Justice (TAG) is facilitating discussions on the Guided Pathways with Steps to Justice family law partners and other family law organizations and experts. TAG and CLEO have held discussions on the Guided Pathways with the Ministry of the Attorney General, the Superior Court of Justice, the Ontario Court of Justice, Legal Aid Ontario, and several other organizations. CLEO would like to thank these organizations for generously sharing their time and expertise. CLEO would also like to thank the Ministry of the Attorney General for their funding support of this project.