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PLE Learning Exchange

CLEO's PLE Learning Exchange supports organizations across Ontario in developing and delivering effective public legal education and information (PLE) for their communities.

Our goals

  • a growing body of expertise and knowledge around the practice of community-based PLE
  • improved effectiveness in PLE projects and materials through the sharing of learnings and tools
  • a greater number of PLE projects in Ontario developed or delivered through collaborative partnerships
  • expanded community involvement in and learning about the Connecting Communities project

Our key activities

  • sharing research, articles and reports, best practices, tools, training programs, and other items of interest that could improve the effectiveness of community-based PLE work
  • showcasing examples of interesting PLE projects and ideas as a way of demonstrating different approaches to effective PLE
  • creating and sharing information about good PLE practices through our PLE Toolbox
  • sharing tips, tricks and information about PLE and access to justice issues through the PLExchange blog
  • holding online and in-person events to extend opportunities for collaborating and learning
  • providing a forum for the Connecting Communities projects to share information about their work and to gain an awareness of other innovative projects

For more information, contact the PLE Learning Exchange.