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Refugee Rights in Ontario

Refugee Rights in Ontario: Information for front-line workers provides plain language information on what the new refugee determination rules mean in practical terms for people making refugee claims in Canada. 

Essential information for community organizations serving refugee claimants about the new rules of the refugee determination process, including:

  • Timelines for filing documents
  • Access to services and benefits for claimants
  • Applying for refugee status on arrival in Canada or from within Canada
  • Completing the Basis of Claim form
  • What happens at the hearing
  • Designated countries of origin
  • Designated foreign nationals
  • Where to find legal help

This site is intended to help frontline workers by providing timely, accurate information that they can share with their clients.

Your Refugee Hearing

Your Refugee Hearing

Refugee claimants can visit Your Refugee Hearing to take an online tour of a hearing room. It shows them what a hearing room in Toronto looks like and who may be at their hearing. It also has practical information to help them:

This resource is designed to be viewed on mobile or desktop.