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Have you been fired or laid off?

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Table of contents

If you have been fired or laid off with no notice, or no pay, your employer may be breaking the law.

Find out about your rights under the Ontario Employment Standards Act (ESA).

This resource is about your rights under the Ontario Employment Standards Act (ESA) if you were fired or laid off.

CLEO has information on other topics as well, including workers' rights under the ESA and Employment Insurance (EI) leaves and benefits.

If you speak French

You have the right to services in French from the Ministry of Labour, including the right to file your claim under the Employment Standards Act in French. To find out more about your language rights, ask a lawyer or a community legal clinic.

Si vous parlez français

Vous avez droit à des services en français de la part du ministère du Travail. Ainsi, toute plainte déposée par vous sous le régime de la Loi sur les normes d'emploi peut-elle être déposée en français. Pour en savoir plus sur vos droits linguistiques, consultez un avocat ou des représentants d'une clinique juridique communautaire.