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Care homes

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Retirement homes

A retirement home is a rented home where:

  • most of the residents are at least 65 years old,
  • there are normally at least 6 residents who are not related to the landlord, and
  • there are at least 2 care services available to residents.

Because of the care services, all retirement homes are also care homes, so the information in this resource applies to them too.

But retirement homes are covered by the Retirement Homes Act as well as the Residential Tenancies Act. So there are extra rules and standards for retirement homes that are not covered in this resource. These include care and safety standards, a “Bill of Rights” for tenants, and a special agency to take complaints and enforce the rules. For more information, go to and click on Retirement Homes then Publications.

One important special rule for retirement homes is that anyone (except another resident) who suspects that a resident is being abused must report it. For more information, see CLEO’s resouce called Elder Abuse: The Hidden Crime.