How is child support calculated?

Child support is usually made up of a basic monthly amount and an amount for other expenses, called special or extraordinary expenses.

Table amount

Each province and territory has a Child Support Table. The Table shows the basic monthly amounts of child support to cover expenses like clothes, food, and school supplies. The basic amount is also called the table amount.

The table amount is based on the gross annual income of the payor parent and the number of children they have to support. Gross annual income is the total income a person earns in the year before subtracting taxes and other deductions. It is usually the amount on line 150 on your income tax return.

Special or extraordinary expenses

Parents may also have to share other expenses like:

  • medical and dental insurance premiums and expenses
  • extracurricular activities

These types of expenses are special or extraordinary only if they are both:

  • reasonable, which means that the parents can afford it, and
  • necessary for the child’s best interests

Parents usually share these expenses based on their income.

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