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Social assistance rules about couples: What you need to know if you live with someone

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What if someone moves in with me while I am on assistance?

You must let OW or ODSP know as soon as someone moves in with you.

If you are on assistance as a single person or a single parent, OW or ODSP may contact you 3 months after someone has moved in with you to set up a meeting.

Make sure you respond to them right away and go to the meeting. If you do not, OW or ODSP will cut off your assistance.

At the meeting, they will ask you for the kinds of information and documents listed in What rules do OW and ODSP use to decide if someone is my spouse?

They will cut off your assistance if you do not give them the information they ask for.

If they decide that the person is your spouse, they can then look at whether the two of you can get assistance as a couple.

If they cut off your assistance, you can appeal. See What can I do if OW or ODSP refuses or stops giving me assistance?

Even if OW or ODSP decides that the person is not your spouse, they may follow up in the future to see if your relationship has changed. And they will likely ask you for information about the relationship at least once a year.