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Disability benefits in Ontario: Who can get them and how to apply

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Can I get income support from ODSP?

You have to qualify both:

  1. financially, and
  2. in most cases, as a "person with a disability".

Some people can get ODSP without having to prove that they meet the ODSP definition of a "person with a disability".

For example, this might apply to you if you are in one of the following groups:

  • you get disability benefits from the Canada Pension Plan (CPP-D) or the Québec Pension Plan
  • you are over 65 years old but are not eligible for Old Age Security
  • you used to get Family Benefits and were transferred to ODSP
  • you get services or support because you have a developmental disability, whether you:
    • own or rent a home
    • live in a group home
    • live in housing where you get support