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Disability benefits in Ontario: Who can get them and how to apply

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How do I get started?

If you are on Ontario Works (OW)

If you are already getting financial help from OW, you have to apply for ODSP income support through your OW office.

And because you are already on OW, you should qualify financially for ODSP.

Your OW worker can help you get the forms that you will need to apply for ODSP. There is more information about these forms in Step 2: Do I qualify because of my disability?

If you are not on Ontario Works (OW)

You can apply for ODSP income support by phone, at an ODSP office, or online.

To find the phone number and address of your local ODSP office:

  • look in the government section of the phone book
  • go to and look in the section about the Ontario Disability Support Program

To apply online, go to and click on "Apply Online".

The information you enter online goes to your local ODSP office. Within 5 business days, a worker from that office should contact you to set up an appointment.

When you go to an ODSP office

You have the right to bring someone with you for support. For example, you could bring a family member, a friend, an interpreter, or someone from a community group or agency.