Discard List – August 3, 2023

We update our publications regularly to reflect changes in the law. Please check this list to make sure that you are distributing or using only the most reliable versions of our publications.

Versions of publications with a date earlier than the date listed here should be discarded. Out-of-date publications are no longer accurate.

If you have a CLEO publication that does not appear on this list, it is out of print and is no longer being monitored for accuracy by CLEO. In many cases, out-of-print publications are no longer accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Discard List?
Our Discard List tells you which publications are out of date and should be thrown away.

When do the dates shown on the Discard List change?
They change whenever we print a new version of a publication with significant legal content changes.

How do I find out when the Discard List changes?
Check the CLEO web site at for the current Discard List, or leave a message at 416-408-4420, extension 833.

Does every CLEO publication have a date?
Yes. You can find the publication date on the front or back cover.

What does the date on a CLEO publication mean?
The date shows when a full legal review of a publication was last done. The publication gets a new date whenever it has been legally reviewed, whether or not the content has changed.

So the Discard Date doesn't always change after a legal review?
That's right. Sometimes a legal review confirms that there have been no significant changes in the law.

What do the dates on the CLEO Order Form mean?
The Order Form shows the date of the version now being distributed.

My CLEO publication has an older date than the version on the Order Form. Can I still use it?
You can't tell from the Order Form if a CLEO publication with an older date should be discarded. You have to look at the Discard List.

Do you have questions or comments about the Discard List? We'd like to hear from you. Please email us at or call 416-408-4420.

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