Are there other reasons why I might not get EI?

Service Canada can decide not to give you benefits for other reasons. This is called being “disentitled” to benefits. For example, this could happen if:

  • you are not available for work, for example, you are going to school full-time or have been outside Canada for longer than 14 days,
  • you do not give Service Canada staff information they ask for, or
  • you are not working because of a strike or lockout.

You can get your benefits started again if you prove that the reason why you were disentitled has stopped.

If Service Canada disqualifies or disentitles you, you have 30 days to ask them to reconsider. This means asking them to review and change their decision. For information about how to do this, see How do I ask for a reconsideration?

You can give them any new information you have when you ask them to reconsider.

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