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Employment Insurance

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Can I be disqualified for other reasons?

Yes. You can be disqualified for a certain period of time if EI staff decide you are not doing what you are supposed to do.

You can be disqualified for 1 to 6 weeks if:

  • you do not follow reasonable written instructions from EI staff,
  • you do not go to a meeting they want you to attend, or
  • you do not participate in a course or employment activity they send you to, or you quit it without reason, or you are expelled.

You can be disqualified for 7 to 12 weeks if:

  • you do not accept a suitable job, or
  • you are aware of a suitable job but do not apply for it.

See, Do I have to take any job? for more about what is considered a suitable job.

EI staff must tell you in writing if you are disqualified. They might send you a warning letter first, but they do not have to. In either case, get legal help right away.