If I was disqualified, what happens if I apply for EI in the future?

You might not be able to get as many weeks of regular EI benefits. Special benefits are not affected.

Check with Service Canada to see if you finished all of the weeks that you were disqualified for in your last claim. If not, you have to finish those weeks before you can start getting regular EI benefits.

Example: If you did not finish the weeks you were disqualified for in your last claim

The last time you applied for EI, you got 14 weeks of regular benefits.

In week 9, Service Canada disqualified you for 7 weeks because you refused to take a suitable job. When your benefit period ended, you had finished 6 of those 7 weeks.

So when you apply for EI regular benefits again, you might have to finish that one week of being disqualified.

But weeks that you were disqualified for will apply to your new EI claim only if both of the following are true:

  • you have less than 700 insurable hours since your last EI claim, and
  • you were disqualified for a reason that happened in the last 2 years.
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