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Every Resident - Bill of Rights for people who live in Ontario long-term care homes

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11a. Plan of care

"Every resident has the right to participate fully in the development, implementation, review and revision of his or her plan of care."

In other words...

You have the right to be fully involved in your plan of care, from the making of the plan, right through to when it is being carried out or changed.

A plan of care is a written document that says what kind of care you need and how that care will be provided. It covers not only medical and nursing care but also things like personal support, nutrition, social activities, recreation, and religious practices. Your plan of care is unique to you.

You have the right to be at meetings with your doctors and others who provide you with care to talk about the plan of care. You have the right to ask questions and to say what you want to have in your plan of care. And you can ask for changes.