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Every Resident - Bill of Rights for people who live in Ontario long-term care homes

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11c. Care decisions

"Every resident has the right to participate fully in making any decision concerning any aspect of his or her care, including any decision concerning his or her admission, discharge or transfer to or from a long-term care home or a secure unit and to obtain an independent opinion with regard to any of those matters."

In other words...

You have the right to take part in all decisions about moving into the long-term care home, leaving it, or moving to another room within it.

These kinds of decisions cannot be made unless you or your substitute decision-maker agree.

You have the right to talk to someone outside your long-term care home to get a second opinion about the kind of care you need.

You have the right to have a family member, friend, or advocate with you when you meet with doctors and nurses. If you like, you can ask this person to help you decide what to do.