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Every Resident - Bill of Rights for people who live in Ontario long-term care homes

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14. Communicate and visit in private

"Every resident has the right to communicate in confidence, receive visitors of his or her choice and consult in private with any person without interference."

In other words...

You have the right to meet and talk with people in private.

Because this is your home, you can invite your family, friends, or anyone else to visit you. You get to choose who visits and when. Your family or substitute decision‑maker might not want certain people to visit you. They might even tell the home not to let this person visit. In most situations, neither they nor the home can stop someone from visiting you, if you want to see them. If this happens, get legal advice.

If you want to speak to someone alone, you have the right to do this. Tell the staff at the home if you do not have enough privacy in your room. They should make arrangements if you give them notice.

You have the right to keep your mail private. No one is allowed to open your mail or read it unless you want them to.