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Patients' Rights: Form 1 - Are you in hospital for a psychiatric assessment?

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What happens after a doctor signs a Form 1?

The law says that soon after a doctor signs a Form 1, you must be given a Form 42. This form tells you the reasons why the doctor who signed the Form 1 believes you need to be in the hospital.

If you are not already at a psychiatric hospital, the Form 1 gives anyone the right to take you there. For example, the police or your family could take you.

A doctor at the psychiatric hospital will assess you. After the assessment, one of the following things will happen:

  • the doctor can let you leave the hospital,
  • the doctor can let you stay in the hospital voluntarily, which means that you can choose to stay or to leave, or
  • the doctor can put you on a Form 3 before the Form 1 runs out. This makes you an "involuntary patient" and you will have to stay in the hospital.