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Patients' Rights: Form 1 - Are you in hospital for a psychiatric assessment?

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Where can I get more help or information?

You can contact the Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office at 1-800-578-2343 or 416-327-7000. You can also visit their web site at

If you want to speak to a lawyer but cannot afford to hire one, you can contact a Legal Aid office. To find the office nearest you, you can look under "Legal Aid" in your phone book. You can also check Legal Aid Ontario's web site at or phone them:

  • Toll-free outside Toronto 1-800-668-8258
  • In Toronto 416-979-1446
  • Toll-free TTY 1-866-641-8867
  • TTY in Toronto 416-598-8867

The Rights Adviser or Patient Advocate at the hospital can also help you find a lawyer and apply for legal aid.