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Patients' Rights: Form 1 - Are you in hospital for a psychiatric assessment?

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Who makes decisions about my treatment?

Except in an emergency, doctors and hospital staff are not allowed to treat you without your consent. And they must give you the information you need to decide about the treatment.

But the doctor may think that you are not able to make decisions about being treated. If that happens, the doctor must ask someone else to decide for you. This person is called your substitute decision maker (SDM). Usually, this will be a member of your family.

If the doctor is going to ask someone else to decide about your treatment, the doctor must tell you.

You can appeal if the doctor thinks that you are not able to decide about your treatment. If you want to appeal, ask to speak to the Rights Adviser or Patient Advocate at the hospital or call a lawyer. Click here for information to help you do this.

The doctor and the hospital staff cannot start any treatment once you tell them that you are going to appeal. But if you do not start your appeal within 48 hours, they can start treatment.