What is a release plan?

Your lawyer or duty counsel can use your release plan to negotiate your release with the Crown. If the Crown won’t agree to your release, your release plan can be used at your bail hearing to convince the judge to release you.

Your plan should include:

  • where you will live
  • who is available to help supervise you
  • information about your job or any courses you’re taking
  • how you plan to address any drug use, or alcohol issues
  • how you plan to keep track of and go to your court dates

The purpose of a release plan is to set out the community resources that can help you while you’re on bail waiting for your trial. For example, the plan might suggest Indigenous supports for mental health, trauma, addictions, or homelessness. It might also include suggestions for participation in cultural activities.

Ask if there is an Indigenous court worker at the courthouse who can help you with your release plan. If not, your lawyer or duty counsel can help you.

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