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Are you Aboriginal? Do you have a bail hearing? Or are you going to be sentenced for a crime?

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Available formats and options

What does the judge need to know about my background?

The judge needs to know that you are Aboriginal. The judge also needs information about who you are, how you got here, and what happened to your parents and your family. For example:

  • Did you or a family member go to residential school?
  • Were you adopted or in the child welfare system?
  • Did you grow up in a home where there was abuse or addictions?
  • Do you have addictions, mental health issues, or FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder)?

The judge may also need information that gives a general idea about your community. For example, if you lived on a reserve, are there things about life on the reserve, or the history of the reserve, that the judge should know about?

These are just a few examples, not a complete list. The judge needs to have as much information as possible about you.