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Are you Aboriginal? Do you have a bail hearing? Or are you going to be sentenced for a crime?

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What should I expect from my lawyer?

Your lawyer's job is to defend you. That is why your lawyer is also called the "defence lawyer".

Your lawyer might be a lawyer you hired or the "duty counsel" at court. Duty counsel are lawyers who give free legal help to people who are about to appear in court and do not have their own lawyer.

Before you hire a lawyer or agree to work with duty counsel, you should make sure that he or she understands Gladue and is up-to-date on the law in this area. This is because Gladue puts more responsibility on your lawyer to give the court information about your background and non-jail options.

If your lawyer has never heard of Gladue or tells you that it does not apply to you, then you should think about getting another lawyer. The same goes for duty counsel. You can insist on getting a properly trained duty counsel.