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Do you know a woman who is being abused? A legal rights handbook

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Where will I live?

Shelters provide temporary emergency housing. They are free of charge. You can get information about shelters close to you at

In some shelters, you cannot stay for more than 6 weeks. But sometimes it is possible to make special arrangements with the staff to stay longer. Shelter staff will work with you to find other suitable accommodation as soon as possible.

Shelters usually cannot take pets. But they might be able to help you find temporary housing for your pets through the SafePet Program. This program was developed by shelters and the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association.

If you are on government assistance or you cannot find affordable housing, you can apply for government-funded housing, or for a housing subsidy. There might also be housing co-operatives that might be more affordable. Women leaving violent situations are given priority, but there might be a waiting list.