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Home Care Bill of Rights

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1. Make a complaint

The law says you have the right to make a complaint about anything that does goes against the Bill of Rights. Your complaint might be about a behaviour that did not respect your rights, or it might be about a specific decision.

You may also want to make a complaint to fix home care problems that are not covered by the Bill of Rights. Making a complaint lets the CCAC or agency know that there is a problem with a specific practice or with a worker.

You should make your complaint as soon as you can, but there is no time limit.

If you want to make a complaint, you should follow these steps:

Step 1:

Contact your CCAC case manager or the agency that provides home care services to you. Ask for a written explanation of the complaint process. The law says you have the right to a written explanation.

If you are complaining about a decision, ask for written reasons for that decision.

Step 2:

Carefully follow the complaint process until you get a final decision from the CCAC or agency.

You may be happy with the final decision from the CCAC or agency. But if you are not happy with the decision, your options now depend on what your complaint was about.

Step 3:

  • If your complaint was about something that is covered only by the Bill of Rights, you usually cannot appeal the decision.

    But you might be able to have a court review the decision if you feel that it was very unreasonable or that the decision-maker did not follow a fair process. Consider getting legal advice about this. Click here to find out how to get legal help.
  • If your complaint was that you were denied home care services or that your services were changed or cut back, you do have the right to appeal the decision.
  • And if your complaint was about the CCAC’s or agency’s records about you, your next step can be to take your complaint to the Information and Privacy Commissioner. Click here for more information.

More detailed information about making a complaint or an appeal can be found in the CLEO resource called Home care complaints and appeals. Click here to find out how to order it.