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Home care Bill of Rights

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What are my rights?

The Bill of Rights sets out 9 rights that each person who gives you home care services must follow. The Bill of Rights is part of the contract you have with each of your care providers. This is true even if they do not mention it or write it down.

Here are the rights put into plain language.

Right #1 - No abuse

You have the right to be treated politely and with respect, and to be free from mental, physical, and financial abuse.

Right #2 - Privacy and choices

You have the right to be dealt with in a way that respects your dignity and privacy and promotes your independence. For example, your care providers should not:

  • enter your home without your permission
  • look through your things or open your mail unless you ask them to

You have the right to decide what services you get, as long as you are mentally capable of making those decisions.

Right #3 - Needs and preferences

You have the right to receive services in a way that respects your race, religion, language, family background, and culture. For example, you may want to eat or dress a certain way because of your culture or religion.

Right #4 - Information about services

You have the right to information about the services you are getting. This includes:

  • who is managing your services
  • who will provide the services, the agency they work for, how to contact them, and when they will come
  • what services you will get and for how many hours

Right #5 - Take part in decisions

You have the right to take part in deciding what services you need, and how and when you get them. Your case manager should talk with you about any changes to your services plan so you can say what services you think you need.

Right #6 - Accept or refuse services

You have the right to accept or refuse any home care service that is recommended for you. If you are not happy with your care provider or the agency they work for, you can refuse their services.

Right #7 - Complain without being punished

You have the right to raise any concerns you have about your services with your care providers, people who work for the government, or anyone else. No one is allowed to punish you, refuse to give you home care services, or take away these services because you have complained.

Right #8 - Legal information

You have the right to information about the laws, rules, and policies that affect how your services are provided. If you ask, agencies that provide you with services must tell you, in writing:

  • how to make a complaint
  • how to appeal a decision they make about your services

Right #9 - Privacy and information

You have the right to have your personal information kept private. Before giving anyone information about you, the care provider or agency must ask if you agree.

And they must follow their privacy policies and the law. For example, they might need to give someone your information to arrange your services or respond to a complaint or appeal.

You also have the right to see what health information your care provider has about you and have it corrected if it is wrong.