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Home Care Bill of Rights

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What is the home care Bill of Rights

The home care Bill of Rights is set out in Part III of an Ontario law called the Home Care and Community Services Act. This Bill of Rights applies to services provided through Community Care Access Centres (CCACs). It may also apply to other programs, such as supportive housing and attendant outreach.

The home care Bill of Rights

The home care Bill of Rights says you have the right to:

  1. be treated with respect and to be free from abuse
  2. have your privacy and dignity honoured
  3. have your needs and preferences respected
  4. receive information about the services you get
  5. take part in decisions about your services
  6. consent to or refuse services
  7. comment or criticize without anyone taking action against you
  8. receive information about home care laws and policies and how to make a complaint
  9. have your home care records kept confidential