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Home care complaints and appeals

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Available formats and options

Complaints about the type or amount of services

  1. Ask your case manager to give you the reasons for their decision in writing and a copy of their complaint process.
  2. Put your complaint in writing. Make sure you follow the complaint process carefully and do not miss any time limits. Explain why you think the decision was wrong, how it affected you, and what you want.

The HSP must reply in writing within 60 days and tell you if they are changing their decision.

You can appeal to the Health Services Appeal and Review Board (HSARB) if:

  • the HSP does not change its decision and you still disagree with it,
  • you get a new decision that you do not agree with, or
  • the HSP does not respond within 60 days.

How to appeal to the HSARB

You must write to the HSARB and ask for a hearing. Include a copy of the decision you are appealing and say why you think it is wrong.

You will get your hearing date at least 7 days before your hearing. You can say whether you want the hearing to be in writing, by telephone, or in person. But the HSARB makes the final decision.

At the hearing, an HSARB member reviews the evidence, listens to any witnesses, and may ask them questions. Within 3 days after the hearing, the HSARB makes its decision. It can:

  • agree with the HSP's decision,
  • tell the HSP to make a different decision, or
  • make its own decision and tell the HSP to follow it.

You will get the decision in writing. The HSARB's decision is final and you cannot appeal it.

Call the HSARB at 1-866-282-2179 or 1-877-301-0889 (TTY). Or visit

If you need help making an appeal to the HSARB, you can contact a lawyer.