What should I do if I was injured at work or got sick because of my job?

Always report any injury to your employer as soon as possible, no matter how small you think it is. If you do not report your injury right away, it might be hard or even impossible to prove later that it happened at work. It is important to make sure that your employer writes down everything you say about your accident, and that you keep notes about the report you make.

Get medical help right away. Tell whoever is treating you that your injury is work-related.

Your employer must report your injury to the Board if it causes you to:

  • miss time from work,
  • get less than regular pay for regular work (for example, you switch to part-time work),
  • need modified work for more than 7 calendar days,
  • need modified work at less than regular pay, or
  • need health care that is more than minor first aid.

You must also file a report with the Board.

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