Pregnancy leave

Pregnancy leave is sometimes called maternity leave.

If you started working for your employer at least 13 weeks before your due date, the law says that your employer must let you take a pregnancy leave.

But your employer does not have to pay you during the leave.

How long can my pregnancy leave be?

Your employer must let you take at least 17 weeks of pregnancy leave.

But if you have a miscarriage or a stillbirth, your leave can continue for at least 12 weeks after that happens. This means that your leave could be longer than 17 weeks.

When can I start my pregnancy leave?

You can choose when to take your pregnancy leave, but there are some limits.

Earliest you can start: Usually, the earliest you can start your pregnancy leave is 17 weeks before your baby is due. But if your baby is born earlier than that, you must start your leave on the date of the birth.

Latest you can start: You must start your pregnancy leave no later than your due date. If your baby is born before your due date, you must start your leave on the date of the birth.

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