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Taking time off work: For new and expecting parents

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What if I have to stop work early?

Sometimes, a medical emergency forces a pregnant woman to stop work right away and take pregnancy leave with less than 2 weeks’ notice. If this happens, you must send your employer a new letter, and a medical note if they ask for one, within 2 weeks after you stopped working.

Your letter must say the date you had to stop working.

The medical note must include:

  • the date of the birth, stillbirth, or miscarriage, if any of these happened, or
  • the medical reasons you cannot work and your due date.

You can start your parental leave earlier than planned if your newborn or adopted child arrives earlier than expected. If this happens, you must send your employer a new letter within 2 weeks from the day you stopped working. This letter must include the date you started your parental leave.

Keep copies of all the letters you send, and a record of the dates you sent them or gave them to your employer.