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Taking time off work: For new and expecting parents

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What will happen to my workplace benefits and job while I am on leave?

While you are on pregnancy or parental leave, your employer does not have to pay your wages or salary. But they must continue to give you the workplace benefits you usually get, such as health coverage and pension contributions, as long as you continue to pay your share.

If you have passed the probationary period in your job, your seniority or length of service will continue to increase while you are on leave. But if you were still on probation when you started your leave, you will have to complete it when you return to work.

When your leave is over, your employer must give you your old job back, with no cut in pay. If the pay for your job has gone up since you went on leave, you must get the higher amount. If your old job no longer exists, your employer must give you a similar job with no cut in pay.