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Separation and Divorce: Spousal Support

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How do you get spousal support?

Spousal support can be negotiated and agreed on by the spouses and written into a separation agreement. This is often done along with other issues such as:

  • child support,
  • property division,
  • parenting time, which used to be called access, and
  • decision-making responsibility, which used to be called custody.

Lawyers and family law professionals like mediators can help the spouses reach an agreement. Spouses must think about resolving their issues out of court using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or a family dispute resolution process like negotiation or mediation if it's suitable for their situation. But if they still cannot agree, a judge or arbitrator can decide.

There is more information about these topics in other publications in CLEO's Family Law Series. See the back cover of this publication to find out how to order copies or view them online.

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