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Unfair practices: When sellers break the rules

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What can I do if a seller used unfair practices?

If your agreement is covered by the Consumer Protection Act and the seller used unfair practices, you have the right to cancel the agreement any time within one year after you made the agreement. You may be able to get a refund of some or all of the money you paid.

It is a good idea to cancel in writing. There are sample cancellation notices on the Ministry of Consumer Services website at

You should keep a copy of the notice for yourself. Make a note of the date that you mailed, emailed, or personally delivered the notice to the seller.

Once the seller gets your cancellation notice, they have 15 days to refund all payments that you made.

If you have already received the items you ordered, you must return them within 15 days after you cancel the agreement.

In some cases, it may be impossible to return everything because you have already used some of the goods or services. Then you might owe the seller the value of what you have used. But the seller must refund the rest of what you paid, and allow you to return any goods that you did not consume.