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Buying or leasing a used vehicle

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What are my rights before I decide to buy?

Before you buy or lease a used vehicle, the law says the dealer must give you certain information, including:

  • the make, model, style, year, and if the vehicle has any badge or other marking related to a different model or vehicle
  • the total number of kilometers the vehicle has been driven (This is often called the "mileage". The dealer must also tell you if the mileage shown on the dashboard is not accurate or not available.)
  • if the vehicle was used as a rental car, a police cruiser, an emergency services vehicle, a taxi, or a limousine
  • if the vehicle ever had any fire, flood, or structural damage, or structural repairs or changes
  • if the anti-lock brake system or airbags do not work
  • if the vehicle is very different now from its original design and features
  • if 2 or more body panels next to each other were replaced
  • if the vehicle has had more than $3,000 damage in any one accident, and the total amount of damage if the dealer knows
  • if the manufacturer's warranty was ever cancelled for any reason
  • if the vehicle was ever declared a total loss by an insurer, or qualified as irreparable, salvage, or rebuilt
  • if the vehicle was ever reported stolen and then later recovered
  • any other fact about the quality of the vehicle, if that fact could influence someone's decision to buy or lease the vehicle