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Working while you are on social assistance

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Can I work and still get assistance from OW or ODSP?

Yes, as long as you:

  • tell OW or ODSP about any money you make
  • do not make too much money

OW or ODSP looks at how much money you or someone else in your household is making from:

  • a job
  • a training allowance
  • being self-employed

Money you make from any of these is called "earnings".

Who is in your household?

OW and ODSP have rules about who they include as part of your household, which they call your "benefit unit". For example, they include your spouse if the two of you live together.

Your spouse can be someone of the same or opposite sex. You could be married to one another or not.

What are earnings exemptions?

Earnings exemptions are the rules that let you earn some money without OW or ODSP reducing your assistance by the full amount that you earn.