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Working while you are on social assistance

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What if I have earnings during my first 3 months on OW?

During your first 3 months getting financial assistance from OW, they reduce the amount they give you by your entire net earnings each month. This is called the "3-month rule".

This 3-month rule applies if:

  • you go on OW while you're working or getting a training allowance, or
  • you start working or getting a training allowance during the frst 3 months that you're on OW.

So, during the first 3 months, if you have net earnings of $100, OW reduces the amount they give you by $100.

After the first 3 months, earnings exemptions apply, and you can earn some money without OW reducing your assistance by the full amount that you earn.

The 3 months can include time that you are in an institution, like a shelter, if you get financial assistance from OW during that time.