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Working while you are on social assistance

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What if I make more than $200 in net earnings in a month?

OW or ODSP gives you less assistance. They take off an amount that equals half of the net earnings you make that are more than $200. For example, if you make $300 in net earnings in a month, OW or ODSP takes $50 from the amount they usually give you.

This is because $300 in net earnings minus $200 equals $100. And $100 divided by 2 equals $50.

$300 (net monthly earnings)
$50 (amount OW or ODSP takes from what they usually give you)


You might get to keep more of your monthly assistance if you have to pay for child care so you can go to work or a training program. This is also true if you are on ODSP and you have expenses related to working because of your disability.

OW and ODSP have rules about:

  • claiming expenses for child care or because of a disability, and
  • how much you can claim.

If you live in a First Nations community

OW or ODSP will not reduce your assistance because you are getting money for being in an employment training program that lasts up to 12 months.

This includes the training allowance and money to pay for child care and travel.