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What’s New

On the Radar - New benefit for workers when there's a COVID-19 lockdown
January 13, 2022
Posted in:On the Radar

In late 2021, the federal government introduced the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit (CWLB).

Workers in Ontario could get the CWLB starting on December 19, 2021, when Ontario was confirmed as a lockdown region.

Quarterly Update
January 12, 2022
Posted in:Quarterly Updates

This Quarterly Update highlights:

  • Attorney General's visit to CLEO
  • Launch of Trainers' Guides for community legal clinics
  • Access to Justice week
  • Best practices for better legal information

Read the full Quarterly Update here.

Legal education organization expanding digital tools as usage more than doubles during pandemic
December 13, 2021
Posted in:CLEO News

The use of Community Legal Education Ontario's (CLEO) Guided Pathways has "more than doubled during the pandemic," the organization announced, as "people have increasingly sought out online access to services."

Julie Mathews, CLEO's executive director, told The Lawyer's Daily that the "legal process has been made much more difficult during the pandemic."

On Nov. 30, CLEO announced an expansion of the Guided Pathways tools to "help more Ontarians seek legal protection from abuse and family violence, and to navigate Small Claims Court and family court." The organization was able to do this with extra funding from the Ontario government.

Read the full article here.

On the Radar - Recent changes to Ontario's rules for "no-fault” evictions"
December 7, 2021
Posted in:On the Radar

On September 1, 2021, the government made major changes to the Residential Tenancies Act. We talked about some of these changes in September's On the Radar.

This month, we look at 2 new rules that relate to what are called "no-fault" evictions, for example, when a landlord wants to move in. There are now:

  • more requirements for no-fault eviction applications
  • more options for tenants who were evicted because the landlord's no-fault eviction application was done in "bad faith"
Use of Guided Pathways More than Doubles in Pandemic - CLEO to expand court form tool to victims of violence, small claims, and family law
November 30, 2021
Posted in:CLEO News

Toronto, ON — CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario/Éducation juridique commauntaire Ontario) is expanding its Guided Pathways to help more Ontarians seek legal protection from abuse and family violence, and to navigate Small Claims Court and family court.

Read the full release, click here

Attorney General visit

Hon. Doug Downey, Attorney General of Ontario, visit CLEO's offices to discuss the Guided Pathways, November 18, 2021

CLEO Connect Director position
November 17, 2021
Posted in:CLEO News

CLEO is seeking a creative leader for the position of CLEO Connect Director. If you are ready to inspire and lead CLEO's team in developing programs that support and train community workers from across Ontario to build their legal capacity, this role is for you.

To read the full posting click here.

Legal Content Developer / Staff Lawyer position
November 15, 2021
Posted in:CLEO News

CLEO is seeking to hire a lawyer to develop and review legal information for the Steps to Justice website, Guided Pathways, and training materials for community workers. We are looking for a lawyer with legal practice experience, strong skills in clear writing, and experience working with communities that are socially disadvantaged.

To read the full job posting, click here.

On the Radar - Special COVID-19 rules about rent increases end December 31
November 4, 2021
Posted in:On the Radar

Many tenants will see their rent go up in 2022 for the first time since 2020. This is because, in most cases, the government of Ontario didn’t allow any rent increases in 2021. For tenants not covered by the rent increase rules of the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA), the increase could be a lot.

This issue of On The Radar looks at the rules in the RTA most landlords must follow if they want to increase rents in 2022.

Quarterly Update
October 26, 2021
Posted in:Quarterly Updates

This Quarterly Update highlights:

  • Access to Justice week
  • New CLEO Board members
  • Family Law Guided Pathways video
  • Real time response on Steps to Justice,/li>

Read the full Quarterly Update here.

New CLEO Guided Pathways for family court motions to change on consent
October 20, 2021
Posted in:New Resources

If you and your former partner agree to make changes to arrangements for your children or support, CLEO's Guided Pathways now offer help completing the necessary court forms. Guided Pathways for Motions to Change on consent help with court forms when both parties agree to change a final order relating to:

  • decision-making responsibility (custody)
  • parenting time (access)
  • child or spousal support
  • making a change to a written agreement about support, or
  • other family orders

And if the parties don't agree on a change, there are also guided pathways for completing the court forms for requesting a Motion to Change and disagreeing with a Motion to Change.

All CLEO's Guided Pathways are available in English and French and are free to use.

For a video introduction to CLEO's Guided Pathways visit here.