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New CLEO Guided Pathways for family court motions to change on consent

October 20, 2021
Posted in: New Resources

If you and your former partner agree to make changes to arrangements for your children or support, CLEO's Guided Pathways now offer help completing the necessary court forms. Guided Pathways for Motions to Change on consent help with court forms when both parties agree to change a final order relating to:

  • decision-making responsibility (custody)
  • parenting time (access)
  • child or spousal support
  • making a change to a written agreement about support, or
  • other family orders

And if the parties don't agree on a change, there are also guided pathways for completing the court forms for requesting a Motion to Change and disagreeing with a Motion to Change.

All CLEO's Guided Pathways are available in English and French and are free to use.

For a video introduction to CLEO's Guided Pathways visit here.