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What's New

Guided Pathways to Divorce Forms
June 22, 2018
Posted in:New Resources

Use CLEO's online tool to help you fill out the court forms you need to apply for a divorce.

Announcing New Online Refugee Hearing Preparation Training
December 12, 2016
Posted in:New Resources

The University of Ottawa Refugee Assistance Project (UORAP) and Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) are delighted to announce the launch of a new online training tool for refugee support workers and others who assist refugee claimants in preparing for their hearing.

The new Hearing Preparation Training includes a series of instructional and case study videos, along with a suite of supporting written resources. It will help trainees understand the basics of a refugee claim, what evidence can support a claim, how to support gathering and submission of evidence, and what happens at the refugee hearing. These resources can be used independently or in conjunction with other training curricula.

Please visit to learn more and to take this training!

Background: The University of Ottawa Refugee Assistance Project (UORAP) was funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario to produce access to justice resources for the refugee support community following 2012 legislative changes to Canada's asylum system. In 2013, the UORAP produced written materials and developed a full-day training curriculum to equip refugee support workers to assist claimants as they gathered and submitted evidence for their claims on new, tight timelines. In 2013-14, 12 expert UORAP trainers delivered that curriculum to over 300 community workers across Canada.

This training and its supporting resources benefit from the expert input of over 15 expert refugee lawyers from across Canada, multiple community consultations, and feedback from hundreds of UORAP trainees. Special thanks goes to Productions Cazabon, our volunteer actors, and exceptional crew for making this video adaptation possible!

Questions and comments can be directed to

These resources were generously funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario.

Your Refugee Hearing
October 2, 2014
Posted in:New Resources

CLEO launches Your Refugee Hearing, an online resource that helps refugee claimants see what a hearing room in Toronto looks like and who may be at their hearing. It also has practical information to help them:

Visit to see a hearing room on your desktop, or mobile.

Youth Criminal Law
May 21, 2014
Posted in:New Resources

Looking for easy-to-understand, online information about youth criminal law?

Check out CLEO's updated Youth Criminal Law information.

Written with the assistance of Justice for Children and Youth for a youth audience, the site has sections on:

  • Talking to the police
  • Hiring a lawyer
  • Steps in a youth case
  • Court orders
  • Youth records
  • Getting a job with a record
  • Travelling with a record

Special features include flowcharts that show what can happen if the police think you’ve committed a crime and what can happen if you’re charged with a crime.

Available in English and French. Designed to be viewed on mobile or desktop. To find out more, go to or

Refugee Rights in Ontario
March 19, 2013
Posted in:New Resources

CLEO has launched a new website for front-line workers with information on how to help refugee claimants navigate the new refugee determination process. Check it out: