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What's New

On the Radar - Getting a fair tribunal hearing during COVID-19
January 15, 2021
Posted in:On the Radar

At the beginning of COVID-19, tribunals across Ontario were forced to close. Many have now re-opened using remote or virtual hearings by video or telephone. This includes the Landlord and Tenant Board, the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Board, and the Social Benefits Tribunal.

This month's On the Radar looks at what a fair hearing means and what people can do to protect their rights.

On the Radar - 2021: The year of the rent freeze
December 3, 2020
Posted in:On the Radar

Most tenants in Ontario will not have a rent increase in 2021. This month's On the Radar looks at who's affected by the new "rent freeze" law and how it works.

On the Radar - New COVID-19 benefits replace the CERB
November 5, 2020
Posted in:On the Radar

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) program has ended. But there are new Employment Insurance (EI) rules and 3 new recovery benefits to help people affected by COVID-19.

This month's On the Radar looks at these new rules and benefits.

On the Radar - Rent repayment agreements can pose risks to tenants
October 15, 2020
Posted in:On the Radar

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many tenants to fall behind in their rent. For some, the best choice might be to work out an agreement with their landlord so they have time to pay back what they owe.

This month's On the Radar describes some key things about repayment agreements. Before signing one, it's important for a tenant to know where they are in the eviction process.

Launch of French Live Chat on Justice-pas-à-pas
October 6, 2020
Posted in:On the Radar

Toronto, ON – CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario/Éducation juridique communautaire Ontario) is pleased to announce the launch of French live chat on Justice pas-à-pas.

On the Radar - Going back to work during COVID-19
September 11, 2020
Posted in:On the Radar

Now that most of Ontario is in stage 3 of reopening, many people have returned to work and others are being asked to return.

This month's On the Radar looks at some of the legal issues that workers face when they go back to work.

On the Radar - How community workers and protest organizers can help protesters stay safe
August 11, 2020
Posted in:On the Radar

This month's On the Radar focuses on:

  • practical tips for anyone planning to attend a protest
  • legal rights information and resources for protesters
On the Radar - Paying back the CERB
July 21, 2020
Posted in:On the Radar

When the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) was first introduced, the government accepted most applications without checking to make sure that people were eligible. Now they're planning to do this.

If someone got the CERB when they should not have, the government says that they'll have to pay it back. This month's On the Radar looks at repaying the CERB and how this works.

On the Radar: Who needs a Power of Attorney?
June 24, 2020
Posted in:On the Radar

The current pandemic is a stark reminder that life circumstances can change rapidly. By creating Powers of Attorney, people can choose someone they trust to make financial and personal care decisions if or when they need it.

This month's On the Radar looks at a new tool that helps people make Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and Property.

On the Radar: Small Claims Court limit raised to $35,000
February 3, 2020
Posted in:On the Radar

As of January 1, 2020, Ontario's Small Claims Court has the power to deal with claims of up to $35,000. Before that date, the maximum was $25,000.

In this month's On the Radar, we highlight information about suing in Small Claims Court.