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What's New

On June 7, people in Ontario elect the next provincial government. In this issue of On the Radar, we look at what citizens need to do on election day to prove that they have the right to vote.

Use CLEO's online tool to help you fill out the court forms you need to apply for a divorce.

As of March 1, businesses selling certain products or services can't phone people or come to their homes without being invited.

This month's On the Radar explains these new rules and reviews the existing rules that apply to most types of door-to-door sales.

Starting April 30, 2018, most residential landlords and tenants in Ontario will have to use the government's new standard lease.

This month's On the Radar explains the rules about using it.

Sexual harassment at work has been in the spotlight recently with media coverage often focusing on celebrities and politicians. And the #MeToo movement has raised awareness about the widespread nature of the problem.

This month's On the Radar talks about making a human rights complaint about sexual harassment at work.

Recent changes to Ontario's Employment Standards Act (ESA) aim to improve conditions for workers. This month's On the Radar highlights some of these changes.

Recent changes to Employment Insurance (EI) mean that women can start their maternity benefits sooner. And all new parents can choose to get parental benefits at a lower rate but for a longer time.

This month's On the Radar has details about these changes.

The Canadian government recently raised the age limit for children to join their parents in Canada.

This month’s On the Radar talks about these changes and an important deadline of January 31, 2018, for some parents.

Usually, Ontario Works (OW) and the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) pay money directly to the person who's getting social assistance.

This month's On the Radar talks about when OW and ODSP can pay a person's assistance to someone else.

This month's On the Radar explains recent changes giving tenants a little more protection if their landlord, or the landlord's close family member or caregiver, wants to move into their unit.