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What's New

This month's On the Radar highlights the most common types of what the law calls "domestic contracts". And there's more information on these and many other related topics in CLEO's new resource An Introduction to Family Law in Ontario.

This month’s On the Radar looks at some of the key changes to the rules about making a refugee claim in Canada.

This month's issue of On the Radar marks Human Rights Day by looking at discrimination in housing.

This month's On the Radar looks at some of the key legal questions women facing violence may have and resources that can help them.

This month’s issue of On the Radar marks Community Support Month with a look at some of the legal rights of people who need support services to enable them to stay in their own homes and function independently.

The September edition of On the Radar looks at what the law says about some of the most common problems tenants face with former landlords, including issues related to damage and not giving proper notice.

Join others from across Canada involved in delivering public legal education and information at Making an Impact: Public Legal Education in Canada, a 3-day conference in Toronto hosted by CLEO and OJEN on October 24 - 26, 2012.

On the Radar looks at children's right to attend school, even if they do not have immigration status in Canada.

CLEO is pleased to announce the redesign of our website at Check out our new features:

Improved design and navigation
Check out our new design – easier navigation gives you a better snapshot of our publications and resources, as well as our research and projects. Our new features – the ability to browse by topic or by language – will help you find what you're looking for even more efficiently.

The July edition of CLEO's monthly On the Radar takes a timely look at workers' rights around vacation time and pay, and explains how workers can enforce their rights if they think they have been violated.