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What’s New

New information on income assistance
August 8, 2019
Posted in:New Resources

Steps to Justice now has information about Old Age Security.

On the Radar: The role and expanded mandate of Ontario's Ombudsman
August 6, 2019
Posted in:On the Radar

People with complaints about Ontario government services and programs may be able to get help from the Ombudsman's office.

This month's On the Radar talks about the role of Ontario's Ombudsman, highlights from the latest annual report, and new responsibilities that the office has. And we tell you about related information you'll find on Steps to Justice.

Latest updates on Steps to Justice
July 29, 2019
Posted in:New Resources

Steps to Justice has updated content on bail variations and getting help in family law reflecting changes to services provided by Legal Aid Ontario.

CLEO awarded grants for technology and access to justice
July 24, 2019
Posted in:CLEO News

Toronto, ON – CLEO is pleased to announce that three new partnership-based research projects are being supported by The Law Foundation of Ontario.

The three grants, totalling close to $129K from the Foundation's Strategic granting program, support efforts to develop online interactive tools that people with legal problems can use to take steps in the legal process, such as completing forms. The research will advance the work of CLEO, its partners and others who look at technology as a tool to advance access to justice.

New information on refugee law
July 18, 2019
Posted in:New Resources

Steps to Justice now has information for refugee claimants about getting legal help.

Online tool that helps people fill out family law forms now available in French
July 12, 2019
Posted in:New Resources

Use CLEO's new online tool to complete and generate family law court forms in French using Family Law Guided Pathways. There are Pathways that can help with:

The Guided Pathways take users through a series of questions to help them complete their forms. Each question includes easy-to-understand information that explains what is required. Users' answers are used to create the forms they need, which they can save or print. The Guided Pathways also generate a checklist that sets out steps for filing their forms with the court. All personal information is stored securely and protects users' privacy.

The Guided Pathways are available in French on the Justice pas-à-pas website. (Guided Pathways are also available in English at the Steps to Justice website.)

These are the first few of many Guided Pathways to family court forms that CLEO is producing, with funding support from the Ministry of the Attorney General.

New edition - Elder abuse: The hidden crime
July 9, 2019
Posted in:New Resources

Elder abuse: The hidden crime (April 2019) is now available.

Along with a new section on what people can do to protect themselves from abuse, this booklet describes:

  • the signs and symptoms of elder abuse
  • what to do if you suspect abuse
On the Radar: Policing, racialized communities, and street checks
July 2, 2019
Posted in:On the Radar

In a recent decision, the Supreme Court of Canada considered how people's experiences with the police may be affected by belonging to a racialized community or living in a low-income neighbourhood.

This month's On the Radar looks at the Court's decision and Ontario's laws on street checks by police.

CLEO launches new CLEO Connect website with training and tools for community workers
June 11, 2019
Posted in:CLEO News

Toronto, ON – CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario/Éducation juridique communautaire Ontario) has launched a specially designed website to support community workers with public legal education, and information. At, community workers can find training, tools, resources, and connections to help them help their clients with legal problems.

On the Radar - Elder abuse: Awareness and action
June 5, 2019
Posted in:On the Radar

To mark Seniors' Month, the June edition of On the Radar shares some key information about elder abuse.